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In Pikalevo in the early 60-ies of XX century for the first time in world practice in a large industrial scale assimilated waste technology of complex processing of nepheline concentrate to obtain alumina, soda ash, potash, gallium, and Portland cement. The company produces the shipment of finished goods by rail, road and sea transport through the port of St. Petersburg.

The main share now produced potassium carbonate (potash) is implemented on ekporta. The list of countries - importers are: Poland, Czech Republic, India, UAE, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, USA, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and others.

The main item in the list potebiteley potash glass industry takes, namely optical output, refractory and crystal glass. Within the chemical and petrochemical basic direction of application of potash fertilizer production stands, chemicals, paints and varnishes. Also potash is used in construction and decoration materials at issue. Moreover potassium carbonate found application in agriculture, in the stern and the mining industry.



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