Soda ash

Soda ash (sodium carbonate) - is anhydrous sodium carbonate Na2CO3. Soda ash is a white crystalline powder. Soda - hygroscopic product absorbs moisture in the air and carbon dioxide to form an acid salt of NaHCO3, when stored outdoors caking. Aqueous solutions of sodium carbonate are strongly alkaline.

The raw material for the production of soda carbonate solution is obtained in the process of separation of aluminate solutions hydroxide at complex processing of nepheline.

Technical soda ash from nepheline raw materials (GOST 10689-75) is used in non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, glass, paper and other industries

Packed in special soft containers of 1000 kg.

Transportation: all types of transport (except air), in accordance with the shipping rules.

Спецификация Сода кальцинированная


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